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33 years of experience

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About JJM

The JJM Company founded in 1991 by its current owners, specializes:

  • in real estate management and administration
  • in providing technical maintenance and keeping order and tidiness of buildings
  • complex enforcement of the client business activities by providing administrative services, handling mail distribution, helpdesk, phone centers, concierge and porters services, conference rooms support etc.
  • complex execution of construction investment and refurbishment projects; including providing investment supervision and acting as deputy investor.

Over 30 years of experience, intellectual potential, equipment capital and high moral and professional standards of our employees entitles JJM to undertake any task within the scope of our professional profile and to execute it with fulfillment of our main goal witch is to meet the expectations and deliver results to the satisfaction of our clients.

our offer

Real Estate Management and administrative and cleaning services

Within the scope of the real estate management and administration, the JJM Company has been involved in the following types of activity: complex real estate management under the supervision of Community of House or other owners and complex support for the client business activities by providing administrative, logistic, organizational and office related services.

Technical exploitation of facilities

Within the scope of the comprehensive technical support of facilities, the JJM Company has been involved in the following types of activity: ensuring the proper functioning of the facilities, as well as their architectural and construction elements, through servicing and providing maintenance of installed machinery, equipment and installations; handling coordination, supervision and cooperation with the service personnel of specialized firms.

Complex Investment Project Management

Within the scope of Investment Project Management, the JJM Company has been involved in the following types of activity: realization of turn-key investment projects involving the application of the "Project Management" or "General Investment Contracting (GRI)" system; acting as deputy investor/ investor supervisor on behalf of the client; organization and supervision of the investment design process.